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Children Burying Time Capsule photo: Molly Walbrun

Julee and Ben Agar
Terrell Beck
Harriet Behar
Margaret Berg and John Berg
Bjorn Bergman and Heidi Krattiger^
Harold Bergman and Susan Hundt-Bergman
Shelly Brenneman and family
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Mark Telshaw
David Theis and Karen Theis
Mitch Vesaas
Ted Wilson
Luke Zahm and Ruthie Zahm
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First Open House Celebration, Oct 2014

Terry Beck/Spoon Carving

Denise Benoit/Contra Dances

Bjorn Bergman/Rampfest

Martha Buche/Teacher

Patsy Carrow/Database

Rhiannon Cottrell/Event Helper

Jesse Downs/Caller

Tim Foss/Caller

Jess Hirsch/Teacher

Sue Hulsether/Caller

Dani Lind/Chef

Waleed Mahmoud/Chef

Kevin O’Keefe/Construction

Jennifer Olson/Catalog Layout

Steve Pike/Caller

Roy Rakobitsch/Solar Engineer

Yah’nai Schulz/Helper

Matt Shortridge/Musician

Jim Stacho/Song/String Circle Mark Telshaw/Architectural Design

Jared Torkelson/Construction

Hans Verick/Musician

Liz Vox/Musician

Kim Wahl/Catalog Distribution

Molly Reese/Photographer

Tom Wheeler/Spoon Carving