Driftless Spoon Gathering

Why Carve a Spoon?20150913_115350

For the simple elegance
An extension of nurturing through food
To free the spoon as it wants to be alive
Because everything is better when it is handmade
It’s relaxing
A form of self expression

“Our hands were the first spoons—the cupped form that quenched our thirst gave shape to the thought of what 12002286_1256764204349415_1580771204805797338_ncould be. We carve spoons to rest our hands on the work of the past. The smooth flowing lines of a well carved spoon contain in their beauty a part of who we are.” –Bob Lake

“Wooden spoons don’t burn your mouth if you lick them after they’ve been sitting in a bowl of hot soup. Plus they are just way cooler.” –Christy Torkelsen

“Carve a spoon and feed yourself twice.” –Nicholas Gale

To know i can create something useful and nourishing from the most minimal of tool and elemental of nature

To experience the community of spoon makers and carvers that know wood and bless trees in so many beautiful ways..


40+ folks joined in the 2 day Driftless Spoon Gathering this past weekend in La Farge WI.  Join us monthly for our Spoon Circle-2nd Thursday of every month at the ARK in Viroqua, 6:30-8:30pm

Next year date to be announced: September ?

Spoon Carving Info_ 2015 : How to Carve a Spoon