How to Get Involved

Become a member

Donate to the Driftless Folk School and become a member today.


Join a committee

Program committee: Classes, catalog, and events

Site committee: La Farge Campus related business

Outreach committee: Promotions, volunteers, and online presence

Business and Development committee: Finances and fundraising

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Class host


-Arrive at least 30 minutes before the class to help instructor set up, carry things in, help tidy up area for instruction, etc.

-Before instructor begins, chat with students to break the ice. Ask where they’re from, where they heard of the Driftless Folk School, have they taken any other classes, etc.

-At the start of the class introduce yourself as a class host/folk school representative. Hand out class cards or any other literature available. Talk about the folk school:

  • Brief history of the school: Entering our 10th year as an organization. We are a board of trustees of about 8 people, and a small staff, and about 20 other people involved in committees and as volunteers. This is our second year of having a campus. We have built an outdoor classroom, a beautiful cabin, an outdoor kitchen, a timber frame, and outhouses, and have plans to build more and develop the campus into a fully functioning school. (Encourage students to sign up for classes on the campus to experience it!)
  • Membership: Students can become sustaining members.
  • Events: Talk about upcoming events (RampFest, 100 Mile Meal, Spoon Gathering, Fall Festival)

-Assist the instructor during the class in any way he/she asks of you.

-At the end of class, thank students for coming on behalf of the school, and let them know that the registrar will be sending out student feedback evaluations in the coming week.

-Help the instructor pack up, clean up, and carry things out. Make sure the space is clean and put back to its original state.


If you host a half-day class, you pay the base instructor fee ($20) plus the material fee (if there is one).

If you host a full day class you only pay the base instructor fee ($30) plus the material fee (if there is one).


Prepare Lunches

Full-day and multiple-day classes need lunches prepared. Reimbursement of $8 per lunch will be given. Lunch entails: Entree (sandwiches, burritos, soup, etc.) and dessert (cookies, bars, etc.). Lunch is served at the class site between 11:00-12:00.


Campus volunteer

Campus building projects, clean-up, trail building, etc.


Event volunteer

Rampfest: various tasks throughout the day, baked good donation

Fall festival: Set-up, activity leader, pie baker

100 mile meal: Serving and clean-up

Driftless Spoon Gathering: Set-up, refreshments/baked good donation, clean-up

Teach with us

Spring/Summer classes are collected from December-January to be printed in the catalog that is sent out in April. Fall/Winter classes are collected from June-August to be posted online and printed on class cards.