The Driftless Experience

The Driftless region has a lot to offer. It truly is a gem. A mecca. When you come to the Driftless for a folk school class, why not take advantage of the whole Driftless experience. 


Celebrating 10 Years

On a cold day in January 2006, a group of 18 people met beside a masonry stove in the handsome self-built timber frame home of Dan Pepper and Ruth Kittleson in the small town of Liberty Pole, south of Viroqua. The topic of the meeting was to develop a way to teach and share skills and knowledge within the local community. Many of the people there had never heard the word or concept of “folk school” before, but there was a common recognition that there was a rich concentration of people in the local area with unique and essential knowledge to share with each other and the wider world. (more…)

Why knot?

Because lines are frequently too short, new lines must be added.
Because items must be secured in travel.
Because loads must be lifted into place during construction.Overhand
Because human lives must be rescued.
And because…. the list is endless.
But mostly because the world needs connections.
– Philipe Petit (World Trade Center tightrope walker and knot book author)



DFS office

Contact: Jamie Cermak – 
December 2015

The primary responsibilities for the registrar of the Driftless Folk School include processing class and event registrations and communicating with both students and instructors prior to and after classes. Other responsibilities include keeping records and assisting with promotions.  This position is part time: average of 15 hours a week up to 25 hours during peak seasonal activity.  Schedule is flexible but must attend to communications 4 days a week including some weekends. Some time will be dedicated to working directly with one or more DFS colleagues, committees, or volunteers.


Become a Sustaining Member

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Driftless Folk School –

When the Driftless Folk School began almost a decade ago, in the winter of 2006, the founders were inspired by a vision of the Driftless Region as a place of special possibility for the development and spread of a vibrant culture of sustainability and authentic community life.  Nurtured by a diverse natural and cultural landscape, a unique community of people interested in living consciously on the land and with each other has arisen here in the Driftless Region.  The Driftless Folk School was created as a way to facilitate this process by acting as a locus for sharing key skills and ideas and as a catalyst for the development of resilient community life. (more…)

Gift Certificates

dfs gift certificatesWe offer gift certificates in the amounts of $20, $45, or $75.

Click here to purchase. Half day classes are $45. Full day classes are $75. An extra material fee will vary depending on the class. Gift certificates are valued at a dollar amount and will not include a material fee.


You have two options for receiving your gift certificate: electronically or by post. We can email you a printable pdf file of the gift certificate, or we can send it by mail.